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26 Killer Travel Gadgets Every Geek Needs Vagabondish: The Travelzine for Today s Vagabond I admit it: I m a tech-head. I love gadgets and I love to travel. Put the two together and I attain a state of bliss somewhere between watching a Meredith Baxter-Birney marathon on Lifetime and that feeling you get when you think about puppies and marshmallows together at the same time. See where I m going? Online banking over unsecured wireless networks is sketchy to say the least. Who knows whether that shady guy sitting next to you in the pleather jacket with his laptop and a Ron Burgundy mustache isn t sniffing the 802g airwaves for your web passwords? Get the ultimate in password security with ETrade s SecurID Two-Factor Authentication token. It uses strong authentication by generating a random password every 60 seconds. Tom Cruise would be proud. The 150-Country Auto-Detecting Travel Adapter And Converter. Not the catchiest product name, but we can t all afford big budget marketing departments. Hammacher Schlemmer describes it as the lightweight, compact device that automatically detects incoming voltage, converts it to 120-volt AC power, and provides plug adaptation for over 150 countries throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas and Caribbean, and Australia. You re out of luck in Antarctica I guess, but I don t think they have electricity down there anyway. At least now you don t have to carry around 150 adapters like you used to, right? Also: The plug configures to fit a variety of international sockets, and it has a built-in USB port that allows you to leave chargers for cell phones, digital cameras, iPods, and other devices at home. The device allows simultaneous AC and USB connection to charge two devices at once. Very cool.