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Coolest Gadgets - reporting on the latest cool gadgets Our mission is to report on all the latest cool gadgets and technology in the continual search for the coolest gadget.Forget about hiding your keys under the doormat or in the mailbox any more, those are old methods that are straight out from the textbook. Why not do something more imaginative? For example, the Sprinkler Hide-A-Key that resides in your garden instead, remaining inconspicuous to all and sundry and will be one of the last places a conniving thief would look at.iSkoot sounds pretty cute, and you ll be pleased to know that this mobile software pioneer won t be releasing applications meant for the iPhone platform only, as it has offered a bunch of groundbreaking mobile Internet calling solutions in the past with bigger news today - additional support for the popular Twitter community to its innovative Kalaida mobile services platform, letting users deliver real-time Internet functionality to virtually all handsets sold in this day and age. Twittering can be a pretty bad habit if you re the type who loves broadcasting to the world of your every movement and action, and could border on the obsessive. I think there might actually be a Twitterers Anonymous group starting in no time if folks continue to look inward.