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9 Weight Loss Bloggers' Favorite Fitness Gadget | My Weight Loss Blog 4 Reasons You Should Be Writing a Weight Loss BlogUse the Chipotle Calorie Calculator For a Dose of RealityMovie Theatre PopcornWin a Free Bike From JohnIsFit.comRemoved the Forums While weight loss should truly be as simple as eating less and exercising more that doesn t mean we don t need help from technology. I have a number of different gadgets that I use in my weight loss journey such as a digital bathroom scale, a heart rate monitor and a Sansa Clip MP3 player.: My favorite fitness gadget is the BodyBugg. It is one of the first gadgets to accurately monitor energy expenditure and is relatively simple to use. The software provided is very easy to navigate and also provides a log to track your kcals. I personally really enjoyed checking out how many kcals I burned during regular activities such as grocery shopping, walking to class, riding my bike to work etc. Wearing the arm band can become a nuisance at times as it is a bit bulky, but for the time spent wearing it, you can really get a firm grasp on your maintenance level calories. I wore mine for a little longer than necessary because I tested many different schedules/workout plans and their effect on energy expenditure. For anyone who is unsure about their expenditure I think using the BodyBugg for a week or so would help you tremendously.