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Gadgets, Gizmos, Unique Gift Ideas for Guys - Gadizmo.comPretty standard, until now. UrbanTrend has just announced a new product that will put an end to snoozing and the unintentional, half-asleep shut-off-the-alarm-completely (popular on Monday and Friday mornings). It s the Memory Game Alarm Clock and it works like Simon Says. You have to follow, remember and then repeat back a patterned sequence of lights before the alarm will shut itself off. The idea is that by the time you actually figure it out, you ll be awake and unable to fall back asleep.Before the Sharper Image in Seattle closed its doors, I used to stop in every time I was downtown and play with the lightsabers. You see, Sharper Image sold two models of lightsabers that made those classic schwoooommmb and schrrrchk sounds when you swung them or clashed the saber against something. They had a good weight to them too, they felt right in the hand. I would say that 90% of all the men that came into Sharper Image would at least touch the sabers, with about 60% of those individuals actually picking them up and 30% engaging in some sort of fake saber battle with a friend or fellow customer/stranger.