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My favorite Windows Vista gadgets | Ed Bott s Microsoft Report | Microsoft Windows Vista, Gadget, Sidebar, ShareMaster Gadget, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows Vista (Longhorn), Operating Systems, Servers, Software, HardwareOver time, though, Ive become a Sidebar convert. I havent encountered a performance problem with a Vista gadget since SP1 was released. More importantly, the selection of third-party gadgets has grown tremendously, and there are now plenty of good business-focused tools to choose from.Im evaluating several new gadgets at the moment: Chirpr is a Twitter client that works reasonably well. Ive been disappointed with most of the Twitter clients Ive tried, often because of performance problems. This one has potential. Im also evaluating Facebook Sidebar, which is a pretty slick little widget for seeing Facebook messages, friend requests, and so on. And Ive installed the All CPU Meter from It looks promising, as does its companion Wireless Network Meter, which I would probably use if this were a notebook.