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Spy Stuff Coolest Gadgets Join and get Coolest Gadgets sent to your PC (by Spy gadgets are cool and a great use for the latest minature technology. We report on all the latest spy stuff that we can find, including spy cameras, lock picks and other cool spy equipment. Ever wondered whether the maid you hired actually brings in her boyfriend to your apartment when you re not around? If you re thinking of catching a secret tryst on video, there are these DVR hidden cameras to consider - it comes in the form of an alarm clock like what you see on the right, but is connected to a special receiver and is smart enough to work only when it detects the presence of another human in the room. I don t know about you, but I would definitely be thrilled to receive a brand new cell phone regardless of the occasion. Heck, if you want to gift all of us at Coolest Gadgets the latest Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, by all means go ahead and splurge - it doesn t really matter whether we all have a phone already, but having yet another would come in pretty handy just in case our current one breaks or malfunctions. Just be a bit wary though if your worst nemesis hands you a shiny new Nokia - it might actually hail from, which means whatever conversations you hold can be eavesdropped upon simply by dialing a secret code.