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Eight of the Most Unusual Gadgets in 2008 Eight of the Most Unusual Gadgets in 2... Do you dare to be different? The makers of these unusual electronic gadgets do. If youre a serious computer or electronic user, and youre looking for eccentric devices, you will definitely want to take a look at these gadgets. The creators of these devices have made products that really stand out from the crowd. Many of them are not only unique, but very useful.The B-membrane is unique in that it does not have a monitor, but rather a cone-shaped design that sits on top of a circular disk, which makes the computer look like a mother ship. The cone part beams your images onto the same surface that you would point an omni-directional projector. When you want to see the images on the surface, you just bend the cone part, which then becomes a projector. Then, you point it towards to the area where you want to view your images.