vista disk activity gadget

Windows 7/Vista Sidebar Gadgets Windows 7/Vista Sidebar Gadgets Tutorial with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: Popular articles, blogs ,screencast, and demo videos - Rajesh LalClearly this will alert users to the presence of a new version, and allow them to download it. However, once downloaded wed like the old version to be replaced by the new one. Right now we are finding that the new one appears side-by-side with the old one, and the user has to remove it manually.When I restart the PC, the gadget reverts all settings to default, in my case, I only need Dilbert, Garfield and Calvin Hobbes strips but when my PC restarts the gadget always displays all the default strips like Maxine, Chicken and so on. I cannot figure out what is the problem, I am admin on my PC and I also have full control rights for the Sidebar directory. I also checked the settings.ini for gadgets, it has the right settings for ComicStrip. This also happens sometimes when I just hibernate the PC.