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Cool Gadget & Invention Blog - Geeks, Gadgets, Inventions and more.When I last upgraded my phone, I made it a point to purchase one that would be hands free bluetooth ready. Excited about all that I had heard about the device, I hoped the it would be the perfect addition to my girl on the go lifestyle.Hands free bluetooth? They should call it hear free bluetooth. I live in Ohio where the winters require your eyes to be on the road and the other drivers. You can t exactly be playing with your phone when you re trying to conduct business (personal or otherwise) so you buy devises like these to avoid having to pull over. My hands free bluetooth caused more problems than it solved. My friends constantly said that they didn t hear me talking clearly enough, leading to me constantly having to repeat myself at a higher volume and sometimes at a slower rate. To hang up or transfer my calls, my hands were needed. I though this was supposed to be a hands free deal.