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SLOTS GLOSSARY, FREE SLOT GAMES, URBAN TOOL SLOT BAR GADGET HIP CASE| Casino Bonus Money | Best Online Casinos | Free Casino Games | Send Complaint | Carousel - a group of slot machines. Coin size - (Also, denomination) is the value of the coin that you are betting. If you play a 50-cent machine, your coin size is 50 cents, regardless of how many coins you bet. Hopper - This is where the money is stored inside the machine. Low Level - Slot machines you can sit at to play. Multi-denominational - Slot machines that accept different coin denominations. Multi-line - A slot machine with more than one pay line. Slot machines may have several pay lines. Max Bet - The maximum amount of coins that you can play per spin. It is of the most importance when playing progressive slots because usually the max bet must be played to qualify for the big jackpot. Number of Coins Bet - This is the number of coins you bet of a particular size. On a 50-cent game it would be the number of 50-cent coins you bet. Payback - The percentage of winnings a machine will payout in relation to the amount put in. Pay for Play Machines - These are generally one-two-three coins option slot machines with staggered payoffs. The more coins you put the better the payoffs. Payline (or Pay Line) - The line at which the symbols must align to win. Pay Table (Paytable) - The section of the slot machine which shows the payoffs for each type of winning combination. The pay table will also tell you if there are bonus features and if playing the 'Max Bet' will reward you with a top bonus prize. On a regular slot machine the paytable always quotes payouts in coins, and not casino credits, dollars or other currency. Progressive slots paytables quote payouts in credits or units of currency. Progressive Slots - A group of slot machines called a Carousel linked together to pay one common big jackpot. Progressive Jackpot - The big jackpot that grows progressively as people play.