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USB Gadgets: Giving glimpses of the USB world covering latest updates on usb flash drives, usb drives, usb cables, usb hubs, usb drivers, blue tooth usb adapters, usb adapters, wireless usb adapters, wireless usbs, usb ports, usb headsets, blue tooth usbs, usb 2.0...For people who just don t have the time sit and grab a proper breakfast and read their morning newspaper at the same, the Scan Toaster might be just the perfect home appliance. The unique design was conceptualized by designer Sung Bae Chang and even made it to the finals of a design competition held by appliance manufacturer Electrolux. The space-age gizmo connects to your PC via a USB port and downloads all kinda crap from weather to headlines or even cartoon strips right onto the bread. Thanks to a network of toasting modules heated by a hot wire, the toaster can burn content selected by the user on the slice.